We don’t always take photos of every installation we undertake, but here are a few of our projects from 2020.

A roller blind fitted recently in Dartford

December 2020

A Roller blind fitted recently in Dartford. The fabric is Annalee Charcoal, which is cheerful enough to put a smile on anybody’s face!

Two five-sided bay windows fitted in Sidcup

November 2020

Two five-sided bay windows in Sidcup fitted with 50mm wooden Venetian blinds & roller blinds. The fabric on the bathroom roller blind is Magma Slate. Roller blinds are always a great choice in bathrooms.

50mm ‘Mantis Silk’ faux wood Venetian blinds fitted in Strood

July 2020

50mm Mantis Silk Faux Wood Venetian Blinds fitted in Strood in a 3-sided bay window. Not White this time. Looking great in this contemporary interior.

Perfect Fit 25mm aluminium Venetian blinds & vertical blinds fitted in Dartford

July 2020

Perfect Fit 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds & Vertical Blinds fitted in an apartment in Dartford. Perfect Fit are a great solution for inward-opening doors & windows. Vertical blinds are also a great choice for large modern windows.

White wooden Venetian blinds & roller blind fitted in Sidcup

July 2020

White wooden Venetian blinds & roller blind fitted in Sidcup. Our wooden Venetian blinds can be supplied up to a width of 242cm and will keep your room looking light and stylish. They’re also available in various shades of white, cream and grey. The roller blind fabric seen in the last image is a contemporary geometric pattern called ‘Nyla Soft Grey’.

Blinds fitted in Ladywell, SE London

March 2020

Blinds fitted in Ladywell, South East London. Acacia Ice Vertical blind used as a room divider. This was supplied with a wand control & chainless weights, so it’s child safe. The second photograph shows Luxe ASC Snowdrop Pleated EZfit blinds fitted to a Kitchen window. These blinds need no drilling & just clip into the window beading.

50mm Silk White Faux Wood Venetian blinds fitted in Hawley

March 2020

These beautiful 50mm Silk White Faux Wood Venetian blinds fitted in Hawley, Kent have a nice look with White tape added as a design feature. 

Vision Day & Night Blinds Fitted in Gravesend

March 2020

Blind fitted recently in Gravesend. The fabric is Flint Grey, which can be seen close-up in the 3rd photo. Vision Day/Night blinds are superb for privacy and light control. These types of blinds can be supplied with either a sidewinder chain control or alternatively, they can be motorised. Photo one shows them in the open position and photo two shows what they look like when in the closed position.

50mm White Wooden Venetians & Intu Pleated Blinds

March 2020

50mm White wooden Venetian blinds fitted in a 3 sided Bay lounge window. What a great stylish look with privacy. Intu Pleated blinds in Mariella Snowdrop are fitted in the Dining area. All blinds were fitted in a house in Faversham.

Intu micro blinds in Ribbons ASC Pewter fitted in Orpington

March 2020

Intu micro blinds in Ribbons ASC Pewter fitted to Bi Fold doors in Orpington. In our opinion, lntu micro blinds are the best solution for your Bi Fold doors.

Intu micro blinds in Hive Gray fitted to Bi-Fold doors in Welling

March 2020

Intu micro blinds in Hive Gray fitted to Bi Fold doors in Welling. A superb product for your new doors which still give a great view out when retracted.

50mm Faux Wood Venetian blind in shade Dessert Oak

March 2020

50mm Faux Wood Venetian blind in shade Dessert Oak fitted in a Bathroom in Sidcup. These blinds are the perfect choice for bathrooms & kitchens as they can cope with the changes in temperature & humidity associated with these rooms.

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds fitted in Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet

January 2020

Perfect Fit Aluminium 25mm White Venetian blinds fitted in Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet. These gorgeous blinds are a great solution for tilt & turn or inward opening windows and are also a practical alternative if you lack space on your window sill.

Miami Oyster Roman blind fitted in Sidcup

January 2020

This Roman blind was fitted in a Bedroom in Sidcup. The fabric is Miami Oyster from the Style Studio collection. Most people tend to specify a blackout lining in Bedrooms as it darkens the room more than a standard lining.

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