Panel Blinds


Panel Blinds are available in a wide choice of fabrics, including plains, patterns, textures, sheers and blackouts. Some fabrics are also available as Roller and Vertical Blinds.

Why choose us?

There are a bewildering number of companies selling made to measure blinds online. Many offer a mail order, DIY approach to purchasing your Panel blinds. This can be useful if you’re taking a more ‘hands-on’ approach and are happy to do all the measuring, ordering and fitting yourself.

However, ordering online can be a tricky process:

  • Have you made the correct measurements?
  • Do the colours you see on your computer screen match the actual colour of the blinds you’ve just ordered?
  • Have you ordered the right type of Panel Blinds for your particular style of window?
  • Have you chosen the best colour and fabric for your room?
  • What happens if you make a mistake – Can you return them for a refund? (you usually can’t).

By choosing us, you can sit back and relax without the hassle and stress of making sure you’ve done everything correctly. We’ll come to visit you with a huge range of patterns, fabrics and options to choose from so that you can see what the finished product will look like, right in the comfort of your own home or business.

About Panel Blinds – What are they?

Panel Blinds are a great choice if you want to create something dramatic within your home interior. They are particularly suitable for large windows, patio or bi-fold doors. They are also suitable as room dividers. When open, the panels stack neatly behind each other.

Control Options:

  1. Wand control – draws the panels across the window – Child Safe.
  2. Cord Control – draws the panels across the window. A cord tidy will be fitted with this option for Child Safety

Draw Options:

  1. Left-hand draw
  2. Right-hand draw
  3. Split draw – Panels pull evenly to both sides

Panel Options:

Choose from 3 to 8 Panels depending on draw and size of Blind. You can also mix and match colours, textures and patterns to create a more personalized look.

Let’s get Creative

Panel blinds are the perfect way to get creative in your home

Panel Blinds aren’t just about functionality. These unique blinds give you the opportunity to unleash the budding artist inside of you – By mixing styles, shades and colours, you can create something that delivers a personal statement about you and the home you live in.

What rooms are best suited to Panel Blinds?

These versatile blinds are ideal for any room but really come into their own across larger windows and doors. They give you the opportunity to go wild with your creative side, allowing you conjure up something truly unique for each individual space in your home.

About Us

We’re passionate about blinds and are the Obvious choice when it comes to supplying and fitting custom, high-quality made to measure panel blinds. We’re based in Dartford, Kent and can travel to your home and business for a free, no-obligation consultation. If you’re unsure about any aspect of our service or would simply like some free, friendly advice before making a decision on the choice of Panel blinds that’s right for you, either give us a call or send us an email.


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