Our interest in Gravesend

Steeped in history, Gravesend is a great place to work and visit. Situated on the banks of the river Thames, Gravesend has a diverse market, the world’s oldest cast iron pier and quite a few famous past residents, including Pocahontas. Of course, none of this is relevant to our every-day to day job as a blind fitter and installer to the residents of Gravesend.  As we’re only a stone’s throw away in Dartford, a short drive up the A2 is all that’s needed for us to get to your home or business and provide you with a free quote.

You’ll notice on our blog page that there are a scattering of topics that relate to our business but there are also quite a few relating to the local areas we cover… including Gravesend. This is because we love our history and sometimes researching and writing about it can be great fun.

For example, whether you live in the area or not, you may not know that Windmill Hill (formerly know as Rouge Hill) is named after the windmills that were situated there. Whilst this probably won’t come as a surprise, did you also know that it was a popular spot for Victorian visitors to the town, because of the Camera obscura that was installed in the old mill. It also had many tea gardens that contained various amusements of the day. The hill was also the site of a beacon in 1377, which was put in place by Richard II (although he probably didn’t install it himself!). It was still in use some 200 years later around the era of the Spanish Armada. A modern-day beacon was put up and then lit during 1988 to celebrate the 300th anniversary.

Close to Dartford in Kent, Gravesend has a wide diversity of housing and there is also no shortage of Victorian terraced houses. Lots of these now have conservatories to make extra space for growing families and this is where our service really comes into its own. Of course, you can try your own DIY installation in a conservatory and this can obviously work out cheaper but it can also go horribly wrong. Sometimes your new blinds may not fit snugly because you didn’t measure them correctly or perhaps they’ve been manufactured incorrectly.

If you want to eliminate the chance of getting it wrong, get in touch to book your free quotation. We have a wide range of high-quality blinds available and are always on hand to give you professional advice about which type of blind is best suited to each individual room or window. If you’d like to know more, get in touch and we’ll let you know what types are best suited to your particular circumstances and budget.

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