Blinding Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer 2019

After enduring the long, dull winter months where the sun barely manages to climb above the horizon, it can be somewhat comforting to turn our attention to what we’re going to do once the warmer weather finally bathes our bodies in sunlight. Whilst winter can sometimes be a depressing time, our moods generally pick up as the gloom abates and the sun begins to climb higher in the sky. It’s often around this time when our thoughts wander and we dream of how we’re going to brighten up our homes.

As we fling open the windows and let the sunlight flood in, is there anything else we can do to enhance and freshen up the look of our living space?


If you really want to maximise those sultry, summer rays and invite as many of them into your home as you can, then choosing the perfect blinds is a good place to start. Rip down those curtains, trample on those nets and get browsing for some bright and airy blinds instead! If you think a lick of paint or new furniture will do the job, think again, as new blinds will be more impressive (and most likely cheaper too).

Roller Blinds

Give your windows a treat with some fresh and stylish roller blinds. Whilst being inexpensive, they’re the perfect way to let 100% of all that lush, natural sunlight into your home…. and, as of writing this, we’ve got a cheeky summer 2018 special offer on the table to help you make up your mind. We’re practically giving these beauties away at the moment and we’ll even come and fit them for you for FREE – You can choose 3 roller (or even vertical) blinds in 33 Plain Colours and 70 Textured Colours/Designs on blinds up to 6ft (183cm) wide, for £290.

Anyway, now the shameless self-promo is out of the way, let’s look at a few colour ideas. Have you ever noticed how restaurant decor is often red? It’s no coincidence that restaurant owners choose this particular colour as our brains associate it with yummy, appealing food. According to this fascinating study on, our synapses are stimulated to have a party in our heads when we look at red food, as opposed to green food. Apparently, the boffins that compiled the study concluded that:

“Arousal positively co-varied with red-brightness, while green-brightness was negatively associated with arousal and perceived calorie content”.

So, if you want to get your summer house guests in the mood for a good munch, choose kitchen blinds that contain plenty of reds, or even images of tasty, red food. Conversely, if you’re thinking of losing a bit of weight, some nice subtle greens elsewhere in the house or conservatory may even help with that too! As red is also associated with warm and cosiness, it’s the perfect colour to snuggle up with once the sun begins to set as well.

Matching Collar and Cuffs

Elsewhere in the home, you might want to rethink your strategy. If you’ve got a room or hallway that could benefit from some more natural light, consider matching it with your carpet, walls and furniture to add a touch of real style and coordination to the area. This is where Roman Blinds can really come into their own. As they tend to consist of less fabric, you can really let your imagination and creative flair run riot as, whatever colours or elaborate designs you choose, it’ll probably still be relatively inexpensive.

Privates on Parade

If your bathroom is looking a bit lacklustre, opt for something a tad more practical like Venetian Blinds. Unlike dreary old curtains, Venetians are relatively maintenance free and you certainly won’t need to chuck them in the wash every five minutes like you do with those curtains. There’s no danger of a mildew infestation and they’ll also afford you with complete privacy when you’re singing in the bath or shower. A quick wipe over every now and then will keep them clean and you can also angle them strategically to maintain privacy, whilst still allowing light to flood in.

Big Windows and Big Ideas

If you’ve got a large window or patio/bi-fold doors that look out into your garden or onto some other kind of gorgeous vista, you may be tempted to leave it/them completely uncovered so as not to impede your favourite view. This is where our 2018 range of panel blinds are an ideal choice. With these stylish beauties, you can create something truly dramatic within your home interior. When open, the panels stack neatly behind each other allowing your eyes to still soak up the full beauty of the world outside. You can choose designs with lavish colours and patterns to create a really unique interior space when they’re drawn.

Vertical Va Va Voom

If you’re not a fan of Venetians, vertical blinds present a less restrictive way of bringing subtle shades and splashes of colours into your home. Their elegant design and wide choice of colours and patterns give you free rein to choose the perfect accompaniment to your carpets, walls and furniture. If they’re in a room that has plenty of summer sunshine, choose fabrics with a sun-reflective backing, which will keep the room cooler by reflecting sunlight back to the window. In the bedroom, you can select verticals with a blackout backing to ensure that virtually no light passes through the fabric itself. Vertical blinds are also a great way to combine privacy, functionality and style to most rooms and translucent or semi-opaque options are available that will still let light to bathe your rooms in a gentle, more subtle way.

So there you have it; with a range of designs, styles, colours and options available, blinds are an affordable way to give your home a much-needed makeover when the warm weather arrives. For more inspirational ideas, check out our vast array of stylish and affordable blinds for summer 2018.

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