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If you don’t want to read the whole post, you can read our Google Reviews here and we also have around 100 genuine Facebook reviews too (log in to read).

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If you’ve decided to avoid the time and hassle it takes to buy your blinds online and fit them yourself, how do you go about deciding which local company is the best (and safest) choice?

We all know that the internet can sometimes be a risky place to buy things. Whilst most people’s experience is generally a positive one when it comes to shopping online, there are still plenty of fly-by-night companies that are happy to part you with your hard-earned cash without delivering the level of service that they promised.

The importance of good reviews

One way that the consumer can get a better understanding of the background, history and level of service a company provides is through reading their reviews. There are now a large number of review websites that many businesses subscribe to such a Checkatrade, Feefo and Trustpilot. Some of these sites can be costly to join and the hefty joining fees put many small business owners off.

Fortunately, Facebook offers the same kind of review opportunity and in our opinion is actually far better. With so many people using this incredibly popular social networking website, it’s a super-easy way for clients to leave reviews on the companies that they’ve recently used. We’re no exception; our business does of course have a Facebook page and it’s also the main place for our reviews.

Read our reviews

If you’ve just found our website on the internet and are reading this because you’ve clicked on our news page, then please feel free to take a minute to have a look at our Facebook Reviews. This will give you a good idea of what we do and how well we do it. You can then decide if we’re the right choice for you.

Genuine or fake?

Some review websites are better than others and some have better vetting processes for those leaving reviews. Unfortunately, it’s always going to be the case that not all reviews you read are genuine and some review websites make it all too easy for anonymous users to leave as many fake reviews for a company as they like. This is why Facebook is the right choice for us. Each review we receive comes from a real person and each of those are people that have used our fitted blind supply and installation service.

When all is said and done, if you’ve read our reviews and like what you’ve read, please get in touch to arrange a free quote. We’ll do a great job and afterwards, we’d love it if you could leave us a review of your own!

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