Keeping Positive and Productive During Difficult Times

At Blindingly Obvious, our team are in the same position as many other folks across the entire globe; trying to find fun and uplifting ways to occupy ourselves during these difficult times. For us, a core part of our business up until recently was visiting people in their homes to show them the various types, patterns and colour ranges of the blinds we supply and fit. Once they’d found the type of blind that was right for them, we’d return to install them. This, of course, isn’t an option at the moment so our mobile team are grounded for the time being until it’s safe to make home visits again.

No thumb-twiddling allowed… Let’s get imaginative!

Although we’re still available to take your calls, offer free advice and respond to your emails, we find ourselves at a bit of a loose end. We’re normally busy bees, buzzing around Kent and SE London on a daily basis to visit our clients but, since that’s not an option at the moment, it begs the question of how we’re going to spend the extra spare time we have. Like many people who are faced with the same scenario right now, we realise that sitting around procrastinating isn’t going to do us any good and being positive, creative and active is by far, a more desirable option.

A case in point is the video below. OK, so although it’s completely off-topic for a typical blind installation company’s blog post, the video is an excellent example of how, when faced with adversity, we can lift our spirits by thinking outside of the box and keeping ourselves (and others) entertained and occupied.

Hopefully, the inspiring video above has caused the ends of your lips to curl northward slightly; it certainly did ours! On a more serious note though, there’s no doubt that these are really challenging times we’re all facing so finding ways to support and help each other really is crucial. Whether you’re shopping for a neighbour, dropping off provisions for loved ones or are stuck at home alone trying to find ways to keep busy, we’re all in this together and have to make the most of a bad situation.

Keep busy and constructive at home

For our team, it’s difficult being less active than usual so some of us having been getting stuck into a bit of DIY and general tidying up at home. The loft is a lot tidier, the garden has had some TLC and, although we haven’t yet got the stage of impersonating a horse, we’re still looking for more things to keep us busy..

Final thoughts

We’re more than happy to offer free advice on our fitted blinds and accept your calls and emails. So, if you have decided to spruce up your home and redecorate and are wanting some stylish new blinds to finish off the look, we’ll be ready and waiting once this all blows over, which we hope will be very soon.

On a personal note, we’d like to send our warmest regards to everyone who reads this post and wish them well and, hopefully, we’ll all be back outside soon to enjoy the glorious summer sunshine that’s just around the corner.

Stay safe everyone and best wishes from the Blindingly Obvious Team… See you on the other side!

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