Will 2023 be a Happy New Year for these rabbits?

As the 2022 festive season is sadly now over, it’s time for us at Blindingly Obvious to roll up our sleeves, reach for the toolbox once again and burn off those excess calories by getting back to business as usual – Providing our customers with the very best bespoke, fitted window blinds available throughout Kent and SE London.

Those Wascally Wabbits!

Unfortunately, it won’t be a happy new year for the Wascally Wabbits you see in the picture above. You see, despite living it up on carrots and other tasty treats right now, what they fail to appreciate is that as soon as the summer sun arrives, it’ll be blazing through that window and shining right into their eyes.

So, if you happen to come across them this year, be sure to point them in our direction. I’m sure we’ve got some decent blackout blinds that’ll be perfect for that window.

Happy New Year everyone!

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