Halloween entertainment events in Kent 2019

Broadwitch Hauntfest; 2019 Halloween Entertainment in Kent

With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, it's time to take a look at what Halloween events are on offer in Kent this year. If you live in Kent or South East London and are looking for somewhere to go, this is our very top tip for Halloween 2019.

Broadwitch Hauntfest - Southfleet, Kent

The Broadwitch Hauntfest has something for everyone; If you're a family, there's a whole heap of ghoulish goings-on to keep the kids busy and for adults, there's a ton of terrifying evening entertainment as well. So, let's get started with a quick rundown of what going on for Halloween 2019 at the Broadwitch Hauntfest.

Daytime Children's Kent Halloween Entertainment

Saturday 19th - Sunday 27th October 2019 - Running for eight days during what is half-term time for most schools in the area, the Broadwitch Hauntfest has a heap of things to keep the kids busy all day. We've included the individual prices for each attraction but there are also combination tickets and group/family passes available to buy as well.

Freaky Forest

The whole family will love this as they jump on board for a terrifying tractor ride that leads them on a journey where they'll be met and entertained by the Broadwitch Freaky Forest folk. The crazy crew will be on-hand to keep the entertainment oozing from 11am to 5pm (price £3.00).

Boo Bungalow

Prepare to be haunted out of your skin as the Boo Bungalow excitement will send shivers down your spine from 10am to 6pm (price £2.00).

The Bone Yard

A fun outdoor maze for the younger kids from 10am to 6pm (price £2.00).

Monster Madness

If you want to keep your own little monsters entertained, Monster Madness offers a range of activities from 10am to 6pm including a Ghoul Hunt, Pumpkin Shy (£1.00), Corn Cannon (£1.00) and Zombie Paintball (£2.50). Open from 10am to 6pm (price £2.00).

Pumpkin Carving Workshop

If you're fed up with the kids hacking out the guts of pumpkins all over the kitchen table every Halloween (oh, and usually the floor too!), then the Pumpkin workshop team will make sure you don't have to clean up the mess they leave behind as they carve their own designs in the pumpkins available at the Broadwitch Hauntfest this Halloween 2019. Available on 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th October (price £6.00 per pumpkin).

Freakish Night-time Halloween Entertainment in Kent

There are a few spooktacular evening events that are sure to get the grown-ups running for cover too, so we've included a few cryptic descriptions here to give you a tantalizing taste of what to expect... Brace yourselves!

*Please note - Kids under 16 won't be allowed admittance unless accompanied by a paying adult and parental discretion is advised.

Spooky Castle

This tells the story of young Rose, who mysteriously vanishes from her parent's castle during the Christmas of 1924. Her distraught parents, Charles and Lillian are torn apart with the despair and pain of not knowing what happened to her. They vow to never leave the castle (and nor may anyone else) until they find out what happened to their precious daughter.

Driven mad by years of torment and confinement, the blood begins flowing during a series of bone-chilling murders and disappearances until only Charles remains. Rose then reveals herself; she'd been hiding in the attic all the time due to the pain of knowing about her father's affair with his mistress. Rose is tormented by the spirits of those she murdered and eventually hangs herself.

Many years later, two curious teenagers enter the abandoned house through a broken window and find an ouija board in the attic. They decide to play with it, not realising the Pandora's Box of horrors they are about to unleash...

Thirteen Freaks

Forget the Freak Shows of the Victorian era. They're nothing compared to the frighteningly freakish goings-on in the dark and murky tunnels at the Broadwitch Hauntfest this Halloween 2019. Avoid these insane freaks if you can because, they're not just hungry for anyone's blood, they're hungry for YOUR blood....

The Edge

So, you thought Vampires were only things of fiction, did you? You thought these supposedly make-believe creatures of the night were only found in the movies, huh? Well, you may think differently when you feel the reality of their fetid breath close to your neck in the dank and murky underworld that awaits you at Broadwitch this year....


During daylight hours, a corn maze can be fun and entertaining as you merrily skip your way around with a carefree smile on your face but...what about at night? What if there was an insane, reclusive family who dwelled nearby just waiting for the sun to set, and poor, lost souls like you to unwittingly enter it? If you think you're brave enough to face them, it's time to find out....

Biometrix Sub Zero

Imagine a world where scientists of the past had been experimenting with gene technology to create the perfect soldier. Imagine if something had gone so catastrophically wrong, so very, very wrong that the secret lab was sealed and the unfortunate test subjects cryogenically frozen. Imagine a future where they're unwittingly reanimated and, and.....

Where is it and where can I get tickets?

This amazing event really is a must, and if you're looking for something that's out of the ordinary for this Halloween 2019 in Kent, don't miss this one (and make sure you double-check and get tickets as some attractions aren't available unless you book in advance).

Broadditch Farm Shop
Manor Farm
New Barn Road
DA13 9PU

There are a wide variety of ticket options and combinations. For images, videos, further details and booking info visit their fangtastically spooky website if you dare.

Visit Website

Special thanks to Broadditch for their inspiring website that made this post possible, and for the efforts they've made to make this what is, in our opinion, the best place in Kent for Halloween entertainment in 2019.


Watch the video

If you made it this far but still have a bloodlust for the kind of fiendishness that awaits you in 2019, have a sneaky peak at this video from a previous year at the Broadwitch Hauntfest.