Why we’re all choosing blinds over curtains

Curtains – They’ve had their day; More people than ever are now opting for blinds instead and you’re probably wondering why we’re all falling for them. Well, let’s unpack this shift and see if we can figure out why..


Blinds beat curtains for versatility. They’re available in all styles, sizes, colours, and materials you can imagine. Dreaming of rustic wood blinds for your cottage or sleek metal blinds for your loft? You’re sorted. Plus, light control’s a cinch.

Energy saving

Next up, blinds are energy savers. They trap air, reducing heat transfer – perfect for the thrifty and eco-conscious among us. In summer, blinds keep your space cool and in winter, they retain warmth, also making them perfect for conservatories. You’ll be able to cut back on AC (if you have it) and heating, and see lower energy bills.


Here’s a winner – blinds are easy to clean. No taking them down or washing them. Some curtains even require dry cleaning! Blinds? A dusting tool or damp cloth will do. Time and money saved – check.

Built to last

Blinds are durable. They can handle sunlight without fading, and they’re moisture-resistant. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where curtains can get ruined. A blind’s durability is unbeatable.

The modern touch

The trend is minimalism, and blinds fit the bill. They’re clean, uncluttered, and contemporary. No extra space is required – great for smaller rooms. The modern aesthetic of blinds is catching on.

Superior privacy

Finally, blinds win for privacy. One twist and you’ve got light but no prying eyes. It’s a win, especially for ground-floor homes on busy streets or a typical bathroom.

So, it’s not really surprising we’re switching from curtains to blinds. Blinds offer energy savings, are easy to clean, last longer, and look sleek. They offer superior privacy too. Sure, curtains have their charm, but more of us are finding blinds are a stylish, practical, and sustainable option. Haven’t considered blinds yet? Maybe it’s time you did.

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