French Door Blinds – Which are best?

If you’re looking to choose French Door blinds, it’s a fair bet that your primary considerations will revolve around aesthetics, functionality, and durability. We love French doors as, in our opinion, they add a sophisticated touch to any home. Therefore, choosing the right blinds for them will further enhance both their functionality and appeal. Here, we explore a few options and share our thoughts on what blinds are best suited to French doors.

Types of blinds suitable for French doors

Perfect Fit/INTU blinds
Touted as the ideal solution for French doors, INTU blinds offer seamless integration without the need for drilling or screws. These are available in roller, pleated, and Venetian styles. Their design allows for the doors to open fully, making them a perfect choice for both inward and outward opening doors. They are particularly recommended for kitchens with large French doors and both Perfect Fit and Intu blinds are our top recommendation for French doors.

Intu Pleated blinds in Mariella Snowdrop
These Intu Pleated blinds are in Mariella Snowdrop
Multizone blinds fitted to French doors
These are “Multizone” blinds fitted to French doors

Vertical blinds
These are fairly well suited to French doors that open outward. They’re both reliable and easy to operate and are great for adjusting the amount of light you want to let in or keep out. They can also be moved aside very easily to access the door. On the downside though, if your doors open inward, vertical blinds might not be ideal as they could get damaged.

Duette/honeycomb/pleated blinds
Known for their energy efficiency, Duette or honeycomb blinds can cover wide spaces which makes them a solid choice for French doors. They can be installed as a single wide blind, however it’s far better to have two, with one covering each door. They’re easy to operate and, at Blindingly Obvious, we also have them available as Perfect Fit, Intu or Neat Fit Blinds, which can simply clip onto your UPVC windows. They’re also a great choice for your conservatory windows too.

Pleated blinds fitted to conservatory French doors
Pleated blinds fitted to conservatory French doors

Roller blinds
Roller blinds provide a cost-effective and practical solution and can be installed in pairs for ease of use. Again, they’re easy to operate and are perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

Wooden Venetian blinds: We’ve decided to single these out for a special mention just to let you know that they definitely aren’t a good choice for French doors due to their weight and the considerable stack height they create. They can be cumbersome to operate and depending on how they’ve been fitted, you may have to duck every time you pass through… Not ideal! Aluminium Venetians are a much better choice.

25mm Aluminium blinds in Dusty Grey were fitted to all windows in the house, including these French doors
25mm Aluminium Venetian blinds are a better choice

A few considerations for durability, ease of use and styling

Durability and ease of use are crucial when choosing blinds for your French doors. Products that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last without requiring excessive maintenance are essential. The functionality of the blinds in terms of opening mechanisms and their integration with the door’s operation should be assessed to ensure a seamless use experience.

When styling blinds for French doors, consider the overall decor of the room. Lighter colours and materials can enhance a room’s brightness, while darker tones offer more pronounced light control and privacy. For an updated look, motorized blinds provide a modern touch and remove the need for manual operation, which is a significant advantage for accessibility.

In summary…

Choosing the right blinds for your French doors involves considering the door’s functionality, the room’s aesthetic, and the blinds’ practical features. By focusing on durability, ease of use, and style, you can select a window blind that not only looks great but also fulfills the practical needs of your space.

Whether you opt for the seamless integration of Perfect Fit/INTU blinds, the practicality of roller blinds, or the energy efficiency of Duette blinds, ensure your choice complements both your lifestyle and interior design. And, if you’re still stuck on which type of blinds are best for your particular French doors, we’re always on hand to help out with free, expert advice.

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