The Benefits Of Using A Professional Window Blind Fitter

A lot of modern homeowners want to take a proactive approach to decorating their homes, delving into DIY and getting as many jobs done about the house as they can without calling in a professional’s help. However, there are some jobs that homeowners simply shouldn’t tackle on their own.

Of course, if you’re doing something as simple as putting up a shelf or assembling flatpack furniture, you’ll probably encounter no major issues with trying to complete the job yourself. But when it comes to installing blinds, you should definitely consider turning to a professional window blind fitter. Why, you may ask? Essentially because a simple mistake with measurements when it comes to fitted blinds can turn your DIY project into a complete disaster.

Saving You Hassle, Money And Time

Fitting your own blinds may appear to be a simple and speedy job, but too many homeowners fail to recognise just how difficult it can be, particularly if they’re being fitted to several windows. Getting the job done properly is important, and that means you shouldn’t rush. Yet, time is of the essence in our modern busy lives.

Furthermore, you may require certain tools to install your blinds that you simply don’t have in your toolbox at home. While you could go to a hardware store and buy them, the chances of your ever needing them again may be quite low, and that means you’ve essentially wasted your money.

A professional made-to-measure window blinds fitter has the necessary time, tools, knowledge and experience to fit your blinds perfectly and speedily without any problems.

Avoiding Unexpected Issues

Nobody ever plans for a problem to occur, but when one arises it’s often hard to know how you can fix it. Since you’ll be dealing with unfamiliar fixtures and tools when fitting blinds in your home, it’s possible that when you encounter an issue you’ll end up having to call in a professional company to help you anyway.

Some blinds require you to set up a motorised system or drill into your window frames (Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds don’t require drilling) and trying to carry out either of these tasks yourself could end up causing a lot of damage. This is why it’s such a good idea to use a professional’s services from the off.

A Quality Finish Is Guaranteed

Like all home décor elements, your home’s blinds can have a major impact on your home’s aesthetics. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure you’ve chosen blinds that suit your interior and that are properly installed so you achieve your ideal look. For example, if you’re looking to fit the best type of blinds in your conservatory, there are certain factors you should consider aside from just how they look.

Doing a poor-quality job will leave your home looking sub-standard and can easily detract from the appealing atmosphere you wanted to create. It’s especially important to use a professional fitter if your windows are a non-standard size or shape, such as a witch window,  since you’ll require bespoke window blinds that are made to measure – something only specialist companies can do.

Accessing Expertise And Advice

You may already know which style and colour of blinds you’re looking for but you may not. If you use a professional blind fitter, they can offer you advice to help you select designs that work well for your needs. Thanks to their many years in the industry, an experienced blinds fitter will be able to give you their expert insight into the most appropriate blinds for different rooms as well as the best choices to achieve various looks.

Can’t I Just Buy Blinds Online?

Thanks to the rise of the internet, there are more companies than ever before selling blinds online. It’s no wonder, then, that so many homeowners are now choosing to buy from these suppliers rather than call in the services of a professional blind fitter. Yet, all too often, this proves to be a false economy.

When consumers buy ready-made blinds from online retailers, they are opening themselves up to the possibility that their purchase may not be the right one for their needs. When their product arrives, there’s a strong chance that it may be the wrong size for their window, even when measurements have been taken by the homeowner in advance, or that the fit may not be correct, or that the material or colour may not be the same as it appeared to be online.

When you call in the services of a professional you can be confident that you’ll receive exactly what you wanted and needed – blinds that are perfectly made to measure, professionally fitted to exacting standards, and of the colour and style that you required.

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