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Quite often it's difficult to tell whether the company or tradesman you've found on the internet is going to be reputable or not. Many websites have galleries and pictures of their work but it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it's a job they've done recently or whether it's a picture from a few years ago. Worse still, is it even their work at all or someone else's?

Are window blinds considered fixtures or fittings?

They say that moving home is a stressful time so doing all you can to minimise any anxiety surely must be a good thing. Some say that it can even be more stressful than getting divorced. If you've had a good clearout, thrown away all your surplus junk and are gearing up for a house move and you're thinking of taking your fitted window blinds with you, you should consider whether or not your buyer has automatically assumed that you're going to leave them behind.

Similarly, if the property you're moving into had sumptuous fitted blinds that you immediately fell in love with when you viewed the property, will you be in for a nasty surprise when you turn the key and open the door to your new home only to find that, like the vendor, they've also found a new home.

2019 Biggin Hill Airshow

Header image courtesy of Terry Ryder

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2019 - Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th August

**Please note - We're not affiliated with the Biggin Hill Airshow in any way (we just love planes!) so we're unable to answer any phone or email questions you may have about it.

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Since the 1960s, the Biggin Hill airshow was a defining part of every summer for local residents and the skies were always filled with a huge variety of different aircraft.

At one time, The Biggin Hill International Air Show (or Biggin Hill Festival of Flight as it's now known) was one of the biggest airshows in the world, and certainly the biggest one of its kind in Europe.  However, things came to an abrupt end in 2010 and the summer skies over Biggin Hill became much quieter as a result.

Summer home bright ideas

After enduring the long, dull winter months where the sun barely manages to climb above the horizon, it can be somewhat comforting to turn our attention to what we're going to do once the warmer weather finally bathes our bodies in sunlight. Whilst winter can sometimes be a depressing time, our moods generally pick up as the gloom abates and the sun begins to climb higher in the sky. It's often around this time when our thoughts wander and we dream of how we're going to brighten up our homes.

As we fling open the windows and let the sunlight flood in, is there anything else we can do to enhance and freshen up the look of our living space?

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2020 Medway, Kent

Updated 8th August 2019 - Lead image courtesy of Priscilla Haselhurst

Following on from the success of the 2019 celebrations, the 2020 Rochester Sweeps Festival 3-day event looks set to go ahead on the Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd & Monday 4th May 2020. This is despite the controversial decision by the Government to move the May Bank Holiday of 2020 to Friday 8th May to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

2020 May Day Controversy

The Government's decision to move the 2020 May Bank Holiday (which is traditionally celebrated on a Monday) to a Friday has been met with a plethora of protests up and down the country by event organisers of traditional May Day Festivals.

Although some other festivals around the UK may change their usual dates, the 2020 Rochester Sweeps Festival still looks likely to culminate on the first Monday of May.

What blinds are best for conservatories

Each space within your home is different and if you already have blinds, you'll probably know that choosing the right type for each room requires taking different factors into account. For example, bathrooms and kitchens can be subjected to quick changes in temperature and moisture. If you don't have an extractor fan in your kitchen and you're boiling pans full of vegetables for the family's dinner, there's going to be a lot of steam and the temperature of the kitchen will most likely rise quite quickly in a short amount of time. The same applies to bathrooms; you run a nice steaming hot bath and before you know it, the window is dripping with condensation.

Ice skating Sidcup

The festive season is a quieter time for us at Blindingly Obvious so, with a little way to go, and before we put our feet up by the fire and crack open the Christmas sherry, we thought we'd take a minute to let you know what's going on in our neck of the woods this holiday season 2018.

If they've let you off early from work so that you can spend time at home with the family, our top tip for places to visit over the Christmas period is Ruxley Manor Garden Centre. Only a stone's throw from Dartford, Ruxley Manor always has plenty going on during the months of November and December.

Original wooden sash windows

If you're a youngster, you may not know what a sash window is. In fact, you may not have even heard the term before. Since the aluminium and uPVC double glazed window revolution swept the country back in the 70s, 80s, and 1990s, original, authentic wooden sash windows have all but vanished in most modern streets. Many of us who are slightly older will no doubt remember those windy nights at home as kids, where our bedroom windows would rattle noisily in their frames as the draughty night air licked its way around the woodwork and chilled us to the bone as we slept in our beds!

Halloween entertainment events in Kent 2018

With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, it's time to take a look at what Halloween events are on offer in Kent this year. If you live in Kent or South East London and are looking for somewhere to go, this is our very top tip for Halloween 2018.

Broadwitch Hauntfest - Southfleet, Kent

The Broadwitch Hauntfest has something for everyone; If you're a family, there's a whole heap of ghoulish goings-on to keep the kids busy and for adults, there's a ton of terrifying evening entertainment as well. So, let's get started with a quick rundown of what going on for Halloween 2018.

We love supporting local businesses and shouting from the rooftops about what's going on in Kent throughout the year, so...

If you're nuts about apples or enjoy the occasional glass of cider, put the Kent Apple and Cider Fayre in your diary which takes place just outside Maidstone in Sandling on the 6th and 7th October 2018.

Kent Apple and Cider Fayre

The event celebrates the harvesting of some of Kent's finest apples and showcases the quality of the fruit grown here, in the beautiful county of Kent.

What is a witch window?

If you've never heard of a "Witch Window" you may be tempted to think it's a wonky, rickety window on a witch's house but of course, you'd be wrong. Whilst witch windows are far more common in the US, it's pretty rare to see any in the UK. So, if you've never heard the term before, here's what a Witch Window actually is.

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If you've decided to avoid the time and hassle it takes to buy your blinds online and fit them yourself, how do you go about deciding which local company is the best (and safest) choice?

We all know that the internet can sometimes be a risky place to buy things. Whilst most people's experience is generally a positive one when it comes to shopping online, there are still plenty of fly-by-night companies that are happy to part you with your hard-earned cash without delivering the level of service that they promised.

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