airplane window blinds

Kent is a beautiful county and it's no surprise that it's often referred to as the 'Garden of England'. With its beautiful rolling countryside, most people associate this phrase with rose gardens, hop farms, apple orchards and the like.

However, there's another side to Kent which has a different kind of natural beauty that is often overlooked when thinking about England's 'Garden'.

airplane window blinds

Most of us have taken a plane trip at some time or another. When doing so, you may not be aware that it's mandatory to have the window blinds up when the plane takes off or lands, but why is this?

Each time you hop on a plane to whisk you off to sunnier climes there are ritualistic safety protocols that must be carried out. We're all familiar with the air stewards standing in front of us pointing at doors and crossing their arms as they guide us through the scary prospect of what we must do in the case of an emergency.

Aside from learning how to position ourselves in the event of a dangerous landing, we should also make sure that the window blinds are up when the airplane is either taking off or landing.

Coldrum Stones - Long Barrow Kent

Despite being built around 6000 years ago, The Coldrum Long Barrow (commonly known as The Coldrum Stones) is unknown to many of Kent's residents. Astonishingly, the Long Barrow was built around 1000 years before Stonehenge and 1400 years before the Pyramids of Egypt.

Shocked? I certainly was when I heard that they were only a short 20 minute trip away from our base in Dartford, Kent. After hearing about the Coldrum Stones for the first time, I decided I had to pay the site a visit.

If you've ever been to Stonehenge, you'll be aware that the historic site isn't easily accessible (you can't just turn up and walk around them) and it's also fairly expensive to get access to the site; but not so with the Coldrum Stones.

Dartford Tunnel Bicycle BusHere at Blindingly Obvious, we always like to dig up interesting stories about our local area and we found this one particularly quirky so thought we'd write a quick post about the weird bus in the picture.

Most people aren't aware that you can actually cross the Thames (both the Dartford Tunnel and the QE2 Bridge) by bicycle. Whilst push bikes aren't actually allowed to use the tunnel or bridge directly, cyclists can be transported across the crossing by the transport authority free of charge.

The Red Arrows at Biggin Hill Airshow

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2017 - 19th to 20th August

***Please note - We are not affiliated with the Biggin Hill Airshow in any way so we are unable to answer any phone or email questions you may have about it.

Since the 1960s, the Biggin Hill airshow was a defining part of every summer for local residents and the skies were always filled with a huge variety of different aircraft.

At one time, The Biggin Hill International Air Show (or Biggin Hill Festival of Flight as it's now known) was one of the biggest airshows in the world, and certainly the biggest one of its kind in Europe.  However, things came to an abrupt end in 2010 and the summer skies over Biggin Hill became much quieter as a result.

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