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If you’ve decided to avoid the time and hassle it takes to buy your blinds online and fit them yourself, how do you go about deciding which local company is the best (and safest) choice?

We all know that the internet can sometimes be a risky place to buy things. Whilst most people’s experience is generally a positive one when it comes to shopping online, there are still plenty of fly-by-night companies that are happy to part you with your hard-earned cash without delivering the level of service that they promised.

Gravesend Town Pier History – The World’s Oldest Cast Iron Pier

Gravesend Town Pier

Gravesend Town Pier was designed by William Tierney Clark and built in 1834 by local resident William Wood at a cost of £8,700. The new pier was constructed on the site of the earlier Town Quay, which is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Astonishingly, over 3 million passengers used the pier from 1835 to 1842. In its heyday, the pier was a bustling hive of activity but around the turn of the 20th century, Gravesend Pier fell into disuse due to the arrival of the South Eastern Railway’s North Kent Line.

The Swanscombe Skull – Man or Woman? Find Out Here

The Swanscombe man/woman skull was found in Swanscombe, Kent

Imagine you’re a dentist and you decide to take the day off work to indulge yourself in your favourite hobby; palaeontology. As a keen sleuth looking for buried treasure, you reason that by visiting a working gravel quarry, where the workman will already be digging great big holes so you don’t have to, you stand a better chance of unearthing something precious.

The History of Pocahontas – A Princess in Gravesend, Kent

Pocahontas, Gravesend. John Smith

At Blindingly Obvious, we are passionate about what makes our local area special. We are always on the lookout for interesting stories from our neck of the woods; and lo and behold, we have discovered another! If you have ever come across St. Georges church in Gravesend, you may have chanced upon a monument to the late Pocahontas. Curious as to how this statue came to be in a churchyard in Kent, we did a little digging.

Most of us are familiar with the Native American Princess known as Pocahontas through the acclaimed Disney movie of the same name. Although the film took the story of Pocahontas as inspiration, it is still very much a work of fiction. The real story behind the woman is not quite so frivolous and technicoloured. Pocahontas’s tale is pretty sad in the end.

The history of glass and how it’s made

Sheet glass covering an office block

Although we supply a range of blinds for all types of windows and doors, we thought we’d take a closer look at that thin, clear, seethrough stuff that comes between our internal blinds and the world outside… Glass.

In Italy, before glass became commonplace as a medium to seal windows and protect homes from the weather outside, Roman Blinds were commonly used instead. The Romans typically used a cloth soaked in water to hang over their open windows in order to prevent dust from blowing in, and also to shield the interior from the hot sun. Whilst these blinds bore little resemblance to their modern-day counterparts, the idea soon caught on and spread to other areas. Nowadays of course, all of our windows have glass in them… but, how did that happen?

A New Year and a New Look for your home

new year resolution for 2018

For many people, the start of a new year is the perfect time for a makeover – either of themselves or other aspects of their life. This article isn’t concerned about dietary tips, giving up smoking or cutting down on alcohol after all those great deals at the local supermarket. Nope, we’re happy to leave you to decide if these things need a spruce up in your life or not.

Today we’re looking at ways you can bring a fresh look to your home if one of your New Year Resolutions involves tackling something about the way your house looks. For us here at Blindingly Obvious, this is certainly on our radar. Whilst ours has nothing to do with blinds (too many books, shoes, clothes and paperwork are on our New Year hit list!) you may be thinking about how your new year is the perfect time for a new look indoors. If it is, here are a few things to get you started.

A few reasons why blinds are the best Christmas present to yourself

Put you feet up this Christmas!

Most of us spend a heck of a lot of time trudging around the shops looking for the perfect prezzie for friends and loved ones over the festive period. If you’ve been agonising over whether to get uncle Harry even more socks or perhaps a bottle of whisky this Christmas instead, you’re probably ready to burst with stress. If you’ve been braving the throng at a big retail outlet like Bluewater in Greenhithe, you’re probably tired, dazed and ready for some much needed “you” time.

If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself, you could book a massage or perhaps a spa day, or you could treat yourself to some new blinds… Whilst this may not seem like an obvious way to spoil yourself rotten, it’s not as daft as you think.

Perfect Fit vs. Intu Blinds – A comparison

If you have a conservatory, uPVC windows, tilt and turn inward opening windows or bi-fold doors, you should consider either Perfect Fit or Intu blinds.

Unlike most other rooms in your home, your conservatory (if you have one), obviously has many more windows. Whilst this is great for soaking up the summer rays from all angles in warmer weather, it can pose a problem if you have standard aluminium Venetian blinds fitted. As they’re predominately made of metal, they absorb the sun’s heat and radiate it into your conservatory, which can make things a tad sticky on hot summer days.

How about curtains?

Curtains aren’t particularly ideal either. They can fade quickly, require regular washing and can be tricky to initially fit. If your conservatory isn’t heated in the colder months then curtains can also be prone to damp and mildew.

Dungeness and Romney Marsh; Kent’s Best Nature Reserve

Abandoned Dungeness railway in Kent with wonky train tracks

Kent is a beautiful county and it’s no surprise that it’s often referred to as the ‘Garden of England’. With its beautiful rolling countryside, most people associate this phrase with rose gardens, hop farms, apple orchards and the like.

However, there’s another side to Kent which has a different kind of natural beauty that is often overlooked when thinking about England’s ‘Garden’.

Why do window blinds have to be up on aeroplane takeoff and landing?

View from an airplane window with the blinds up

Most of us have taken a plane trip at some time or another. When doing so, you may not be aware that it’s mandatory to have the window blinds up when the plane takes off or lands, but why is this?

Each time you hop on a plane to whisk you off to sunnier climes there are ritualistic safety protocols that must be carried out. We’re all familiar with the air stewards standing in front of us pointing at doors and crossing their arms as they guide us through the scary prospect of what we must do in the case of an emergency.

Aside from learning how to position ourselves in the event of a dangerous landing, we should also make sure that the window blinds are up when the airplane is either taking off or landing.

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