The Benefits Of Using A Professional Window Blind Fitter

A professional blind fitter and installer

A lot of modern homeowners want to take a proactive approach to decorating their homes, delving into DIY and getting as many jobs done about the house as they can without calling in a professional’s help. However, there are some jobs that homeowners simply shouldn’t tackle on their own.

Of course, if you’re doing something as simple as putting up a shelf or assembling flatpack furniture, you’ll probably encounter no major issues with trying to complete the job yourself. But when it comes to installing blinds, you should definitely consider turning to a professional window blind fitter. Why, you may ask? Essentially because a simple mistake with measurements when it comes to fitted blinds can turn your DIY project into a complete disaster.

The Velarium – The Roman Colosseum’s giant “blind”

The Colosseum in Rome had a Valarium

Window blinds aren’t a new invention. In fact, in their more primitive guise, it’s likely that they date back many thousands of years, with Persian and ancient Egyptian records both documenting the use of window coverings in one form or another. As we mentioned in our previous history of Venetian blinds post, the Ancient Egyptians had been using slatted blinds for centuries, quite often fashioning them from reeds whilst in China, strips of bamboo were commonly used as an alternative. Although there isn’t any conclusive proof of where and when they were used for the very first time, it’s clear that “blinds” have been around for a very, very long time.

The curious story of Deadman’s Island, Kent

Deadman's Island at Sheppey in Kent

It never ceases to amaze me that, even after living in Kent for many, many years, there are still parts of its history that I’ve never heard of; Deadman’s Islands is a case in point. If you’re wondering where it is, Deadman’s Island is located at the mouth of The Swale river just outside Queenborough on the adjacent Isle of Sheppey. It’s a flat, muddy marshland that’s home to a myriad of stunning birds who breed and nest there and as such, is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Island also boasts an impressive collection of fauna and other plant life.

Wooden vs. Faux Wood Blinds – Which are best?

What is the difference between wooden blinds and faux blinds?

If you’re considering blinds for your home and aren’t sure whether to opt for genuine wood or faux wood as your preferred choice, we’ve set out a few tips below to help you decide. First, let’s take a look at both materials:


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that wooden blinds are, of course, made of wood. If authenticity is important to you and you want something that’s 100% natural, then wooden blinds may be the right choice for you. They come in a wide variety of stains and paints so getting a colour that compliments your existing decor shouldn’t be an issue. Wooden blinds also tend to be slightly lighter in weight than their faux counterparts so they’re often better suited to larger windows.

Keeping Positive and Productive During Difficult Times

A smiling horse

At Blindingly Obvious, our team are in the same position as many other folks across the entire globe; trying to find fun and uplifting ways to occupy ourselves during these difficult times. For us, a core part of our business up until recently was visiting people in their homes to show them the various types, patterns and colour ranges of the blinds we supply and fit. Once they’d found the type of blind that was right for them, we’d return to install them. This, of course, isn’t an option at the moment so our mobile team are grounded for the time being until it’s safe to make home visits again.

H.G. Wells was born in Bromley… but didn’t seem to like it much

HG Wells lived in Bromley and is famous for War of the Worlds

Most people have heard of H.G. Wells. Even if they haven’t, they may still be familiar with at least one of his three main works of fiction, namely – The Time Machine, The Invisible Man or his epic (and probably most famous piece of work) The War of the Worlds. If you’re a Wells fan, you’ll no doubt recognise the ‘tripods’ in the lead image of this article, who don’t appear to be very happy about getting a ticket for using the bus lane at Parliament Square!

Our Recent Projects – Real Examples Of What We Do

25mm Perfect Fit blinds fitted in a bay window in Gravesend

Quite often it’s difficult to tell whether the company or tradesman you’ve found on the internet is going to be reputable or not. Many websites have galleries and pictures of their work but it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether it’s a job they’ve done recently or whether it’s a picture from a few years ago. Worse still, is it even their work at all or someone else’s?

Moving Home – Are Window Blinds Classed As Fixtures & Fittings?

Vertical blinds

They say that moving home is a stressful time so doing all you can to minimise any anxiety surely must be a good thing. Some say that it can even be more stressful than getting divorced. If you’ve had a good clearout, thrown away all your surplus junk and are gearing up for a house move and you’re thinking of taking your fitted window blinds with you, you should consider whether or not your buyer has automatically assumed that you’re going to leave them behind.

Similarly, if the property you’re moving into had sumptuous fitted blinds that you immediately fell in love with when you viewed the property, will you be in for a nasty surprise when you turn the key and open the door to your new home only to find that, like the vendor, they’ve also found a new home?

Blinding Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer 2019

Ideas to brighten your home in summer

After enduring the long, dull winter months where the sun barely manages to climb above the horizon, it can be somewhat comforting to turn our attention to what we’re going to do once the warmer weather finally bathes our bodies in sunlight. Whilst winter can sometimes be a depressing time, our moods generally pick up as the gloom abates and the sun begins to climb higher in the sky. It’s often around this time when our thoughts wander and we dream of how we’re going to brighten up our homes.

As we fling open the windows and let the sunlight flood in, is there anything else we can do to enhance and freshen up the look of our living space?

What Blinds Are Best For Conservatories?

Perfect Fit roller in Mineral Verdigris fitted in a home conservatory. These types of blinds are ideal for conservatories as they clip into the window frame

Each space within your home is different and if you already have blinds, you’ll probably know that choosing the right type for each room requires taking different factors into account. For example, bathrooms and kitchens can be subjected to quick changes in temperature and moisture. If you don’t have an extractor fan in your kitchen and you’re boiling pans full of vegetables for the family’s dinner, there’s going to be a lot of steam and the temperature of the kitchen will most likely rise quite quickly in a short amount of time. The same applies to bathrooms; you run a nice steaming hot bath and before you know it, the window is dripping with condensation.

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