Biggin Hill Airshow 2023

3 old planes at the Biggin Hill Airshow in Kent

Header image courtesy of Terry Ryder – Article last updated July 24th 2023

No Biggin Hill Festival of Flight for 2023?

**Please note – We’re not affiliated with the Biggin Hill Airshow in any way (we just love planes!) so we’re unable to answer any phone or email questions you may have about why the 2023 Biggin Hill Airshow doesn’t appear to be going ahead. 

After no airshow in 2020 and 2021 for Blindingly Obvious reasons, and no mention of a show in 2022, the same appears to be the case this year for 2023 i.e. it doesn’t look like there will be one this year. If you’ve stumbled upon this post because you were hoping to find out when it was taking place or where to get tickets we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Surprisingly, it’s been quite hard to get a definitive answer as there is scant information available and we’ve been unable to unearth any confirmation or statement from the organisers of the event in previous years. All we’ve found is dead links to websites and the Facebook page. So, because of the above, we assume that the Biggin Hill Airshow of 2023 won’t be happening.

In previous years, we were always keen to write about the upcoming airshow and what aircraft were scheduled to appear, so if you’d like to see what was on in 2019 then continue reading. The rest of the post below also contain info about the general history of Biggin Hill

Why we’re all choosing blinds over curtains

The versatility of Roller and Vision Zebra Day and Night Blinds means that they are suitable for most rooms

Curtains – They’ve had their day; More people than ever are now opting for blinds instead and you’re probably wondering why we’re all falling for them. Well, let’s unpack this shift and see if we can figure out why..


Blinds beat curtains for versatility. They’re available in all styles, sizes, colours, and materials you can imagine. Dreaming of rustic wood blinds for your cottage or sleek metal blinds for your loft? You’re sorted. Plus, light control’s a cinch.

Intu Blinds – A Sleek and Modern Look

Intu blinds are now extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. They’re not just functional, they’re also one of the most stylish types of blinds on the market today.

If you’re after a look that complements the aesthetics of your living space and are aiming for a modern and sleek finish, Intu blinds are one of the best choices available. Their innovative design not only offers functionality and practicality but also brings a contemporary look and feel to your home.

Let the Sunshine In With A Professional Installation

Sunlight streaming through vertical blinds

Window blinds are always a great option – Not just for covering up your windows, but also adding some privacy to your life. Aside from making sure you don’t give your neighbours an unexpected show, they also control the amount of light that shines into your home. During spells of hot weather, blinds can help keep things cool by blocking out the sun’s heat. With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, there’s something for everyone; from the minimalist to the bold and vibrant.

Will 2023 be a Happy New Year for these rabbits?

Happy New Year!

As the 2022 festive season is sadly now over, it’s time for us at Blindingly Obvious to roll up our sleeves, reach for the toolbox once again and burn off those excess calories by getting back to business as usual – Providing our customers with the very best bespoke, fitted window blinds available throughout Kent and SE London.

Broadwitch Hauntfest 2022 – A brief update

Halloween entertainment event

With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, we thought it was only fitting to give you a quick update on the much-loved Broadwitch Hauntfest which has been in existence for the last 21 years.

Broadwitch Hauntfest closes its doors

The Broadwitch Hauntfest has always provided great entertainment each Halloween for over two decades. If you’re a family, there was a whole heap of ghoulish goings-on to keep the kids busy and for adults, there was a ton of terrifying evening entertainment as well. However, we’re sad to announce that its 21-year run is now at an end.