COVID 19 Update January 2021 - Introducing changes to the way we work

We're open for business as usual and are following Government guidelines for the safety of customers and our staff. Below are a few important changes to how we're currently operating:

  • We're adhering to the 2-metre social distancing rule.
  • Our staff now carry gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.
  • Where possible, our preference is to be left to work in the room alone where the blinds are being fitted
  • We'd appreciate it if you could clear the area where we'll be working by removing any furniture/ornaments etc. This helps us avoid touching anything unnecessarily.
  • We'll call you on the day of your appointment to confirm that you and your household are free of any symptoms.
  • We'll only attend an appointment if we are free of any symptoms.
  • Unfortunately, it's currently not possible for you to look through our sample books. Instead, we'll hold relevant samples up for you to see.
  • We'll wipe down any surfaces that we've come into contact with and take all packaging away with us when the work is completed.
  • If you or a member of your household is 'shielding', we won't be able to come to your house. This is for your own safety until the Government lifts this restriction. We are, however, able to give you a quote over the phone if you're able to give us accurate measurements.

Best wishes and stay safe everyone! – All at Blindingly Obvious


What type of timber are your Wooden Venetian Blinds made from?

At Blindingly Obvious we are eco friendly, so our blinds are made from Basswood, which is grown in sustainable forests.

What is the best way to clean Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Either with an Ostrich feather duster, a damp cloth or the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Are Wooden Venetian Blinds suitable for bathrooms & conservatories?

Because of the humidity in a bathroom and the high temperatures in a conservatory, we would not recommend these blinds, as the slats can twist and warp.

What is the best blind for darkening a room?

A Roman Blind with Blackout lining is the best option, although Roller Blinds with blackout lining are available. Because of the nature of these blinds you will still get some light showing through around the edges.

What types of Blinds are available in Blackout fabric?

Roman, Roller, Vertical and Pleated are available.

Which blinds would you recommend for my conservatory?

Vertical, Roller, and Pleated Blinds. Pleated Blinds in Perfect Fit or Intu systems are ideal, as they clip into the window frames with no drilling.

Why are some of the louvres on my Vertical Blinds not rotating to the closed position?

The Vertical Blinds we supply are designed to realign if this is happening. Rotate the louvres into the closed position and then pull slightly harder on the beaded chain; you will find some resistance and hear a clicking noise, but this is normal. Continue until all the louvres are in the closed position.

Are your Blinds Child Safe?

Yes, all of our blinds are either Child Safe by design, meaning no safety device is needed or they are fitted with a Child Safety Device that is compliant with current regulations.

Are the blinds guaranteed?

Yes, all blinds come with a one year guarantee.

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